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This afternoon I went to my friend Tigz’s show ‘Credit Where Credit’s Due’ at Shoreditch Townhall…unfortunately they were taking all the work down by the time I arrived! meh. I only have myself to blame I was I running around the flat trying to find my Oyster card, then missed the bus.

Now I have to write a statement or something for my degree show…plugging it in again make sure you come to the opening night, 11th June from 5.30-9.00pm. If you want to keep up to date with the latest info join the Facebook group here. Mahahaha. Send an invite to everyone, please! Here’s a link to our Uni’s art and design shows for the summer which can be seen here.

Oh and I had my first order last night and another one today!


Blog, meh

Blog, meh

Westminster Illustration.

Wooppeee this is our new Blog for our Illustration course, oh yes indeedy please keep up to date with what we’re all doing now and after uni!! It’s empty at the moment because we’re all freaking out about our show, but it will be filled with lovely work from everyone!

And why not check out P3 here where we’re going to be having our exhibition. It’s a huuuge space.

Oh joy x o


I’ve been busy doing stuff for other people and not had the proper time to focus on my major project…ooops, it’s gona be long nights with coffee and Red Bull! I’ve really been enjoying my placement with Gia london helping them to design new pages for their website and it’s going well 🙂 plus using lush fabrics for the work too which has been fun.

We went to the Kinetica Art Fair last Saturday at P3 (Baker st) and there were some amazing stuff with art, sound and light fused together. There where some really beautifal pieces, the bird/arms work (see above) was creepy! It kept on moving very slowly in a jaunty way (i shudder…)Well worth checking out the website anyways.

We will also be having our degree show there in the Summer-ish so watch this space.xx