Don’t cha think the weather has been LOVELY!? Anyway, today I was a bit late going to the opening of KIOSKIOSK although I was late and got lost! I didn’t hang around for that long because there were a few press people chatting away and me looking slightly confused as to what was actually going on!!! The stall itself is pretty small enoough for one person I guess. I’l be sharing with someone else on those days so I hope we don’t have a fight over who gets what. I’m getting more and more excited about this now, i can’t wait!

I keep on bleeting about this but come n see me! (I’m not going to make a Facebook group out of it THAT’S just pushing it.)

So when??? 18th and 25th August.

Location: Next to City Hall London Bridge Station, SE1 2AA. You can’t miss it unless you’re like me useless with directions. And I had a map with me as well.

Duration: from 10am to 6pm or later.



So I  have now signed up with tumblr because I need to link my blog with my website and I’ve heard that it’s the easiest one to use in terms of blogging, well I need an easy one haha. OKay so now i need to figure out HOW TO DO IT. erm…

if i new more about css stuff I’d make it well flashy. looks too plain at the moment.

me thinks it should have more simple options you can use, for someone like me… was this a good idea. i already don’t like the mahoosive text how the heck do i change that?! what’s with the date thing at the side?! I want a nice pretty boarder. i need someone to hold my hand and do this bizzle.

will see xxx