Hello there! How have you been? Are you enjoying the blazing sunshine we’ve been getting at the moment? Today when I looked at the last post it was waaaay over a month ago (oooppss!). There’s been radio silence here for the past couple of weeks as I’ve been busy and, literally, had no time to sit down and do a bit of writing. I cannot say much about the wedding venue, but we’re getting that sorted out right now and, OMG, I am buzzing with excitement! All will be revealed once we’ve confirmed both venues and then that means I can crack on with the wedding invites, which by far is the most exciting and fun bit of it- right?!

I did some quick work for my very talented friend Amy Fitz Doyley and if you’ve been following me over the past couple of years her name may ring a bell. I’ve done work for her tin the past and it’s always an absolute pleasure to be able to work with someone who is incredibly talented and sings from the heart.


Good luck Amy with your tour! Go girl!


Jo x

Hello folks! How’s your week been? The sunshine has been absolutely glorious, hasn’t it? I’ve been hanging outside for as long as possible these days and the fact that it doesn’t get dark until later in the evenings, well, it’s fantastic!


I spent the half-term designing the wedding invites and I’m so happy with them! I showed Sam them the other evening and he’s over the moon. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal anything as it would be a bit of a bummer to post it here waaaaay before any friends or families have seen them. All will be revealed very soon- I promise!


I wanted to spend this post showing some more wedding ideas- this time on accessories for the bride, decoration inspiration and more! It’s going to be an explosion of colours this post.



In my first post I touched upon the style of the wedding dress that I wanted-and to go with it- if I could find an interesting headpiece or embroidered gloves to go with it then, hell yeah, I’ll be going for it. Think: quirky, different, surreal.


By now, my Pinterest boards are filled with beautiful images of all things flower-related: pattern designs, dresses, books, decoration ideas etc. I’m in the mood for big, bright and gorgeous flowers- even it if means wearing some on my head I’ll be totally happy with that. I came across a couple of DIY tutorials of how to make gigantic flower decorations so I thought I’d give it a go in the summer and experiment with different coloured crepe paper. This also includes roping in friends for the afternoon to give me a helping hand! I’m not exactly a technical wiz when it comes to paper craft, however, I’m more than happy to put some elbow grease into it and crack on with it (whilst drinking copious amounts of wine).




I’m going to round up the last part of the post with some ideas and inspiration for the location. Now, we’ve been talking about this for a while. We still need to 100% confirm on the area since most of our friends and families are based up and down the country, with some living in the USA and in New Zealand. This of course means we have to take into account how easy and accessible it is to get to the area since some people drive and others will be public transporting it (or carpooling). So the location is very important to us as obviously we don’t want it to be a mission for people to get there and to. So we’re looking into hiring out a village hall and possibly having a marquee as it’d be lovely to have the ceremony outside even if it’s chucking it down.



I’m going to end it there and if anyone has any tips or advice please send them my way!


Have a lovely week wherever you are!


Jo x

Hi All, I hope you’ve had a good start to the week. I can’t believe it’s June already- May came and gone so quickly it’s sort of scary in some ways or another. I’ve been listening to NTS loads lately as well as going on Floe Camp. ‘Lullaby for Cranes’ by Item Caligo is probably one of my favourite albums: no matter how I’m feeling everything about it takes to a place where I’m in my own world and there is something really calm, peaceful and beautiful about this album I can’t quite put it into words.

I suppose this post is unrelated to work as I’ve been quite honest about my anxiety lately as I feel that I shouldn’t really hide it any longer. I finally deleted Instagram off my phone as it’s been cranking up my anxiety levels lately; it was worst the other day and my gut instinct was the delete the damn thing. And you know what? I instantly felt so much better, as in, the physical symptoms went away instantly and my mind was at peace again. I noticed that whenever I was on it I would start comparing myself, my work, my house to others. I would think what changes I can make towards myself whilst looking at these edited and filtered images. Don’t get me wrong, Instagram is a powerful tool to share your work, your family life, your dream decor inspirations etc. However, that wasn’t positive for me at all. I become so wrapped up in other people’s lives that I stopped paying attention to myself. The self-realisation after the mini panic attack made me re-evaluate my way of thinking, how I see myself and how I want to always please others. For a very long time I’ve always been the type of person to make others happy, be extremely critical of myself and constantly beating myself down about the smallest things. It’s very easy to be sucked into the online world, I mean, I thought of all people it wouldn’t happen to me and it did. I look back at my timeline and I genuinely have fond memories of my photos such as holiday photos, birthday’s etc.


Instead, it’s getting far too repetitive for me as I’m constantly seeing the same polished photos of  people’s lives  I don’t even know- it’s just so transient. Someone had said to me that we should be enjoying life itself rather than living through social media and I couldn’t agree more than that. We’re getting to the point now where our personal and social lives are blurring into the digital world by being judged and analysed which is completely unhealthy in my opinion.



I’ve lost my passionate in it and my own creative path by being on it so I’m taking a step back and giving it a well deserved break for a while. Goodbye Instagram, you were good while it lasted.


Take care of yourselves everyone and look after one another.


Jo x

I had some lovely feedback from my previous post about our wedding ideas. I sound like a right Bridezilla- don’t I?! As much as I love Pinterest, once you spiral down that Pinterest hole there’s no coming back. Literally, spending hours looking at lovely images is easily done!

So I thought I would start off with the theme for the wedding which is simply: party. Party, party, party. I think if Sam could have it any other way it would be like a 24 hour rave like Tresor. No, I’m just joking! Or am I…? We want the day to be a day full of happiness, merriment, drinking (why not?!); a chance to bring loads of people together from all corners of the world. So basically we’re pulling off a big-ass party for 100+ people. I like the idea of it being like a garden party and the great outdoors. We both love going for long walks in the countryside and being out and about when the weather is blazing is what we love doing. Especially visiting National Trust places as well (helps loads if one can drive i.e. Sam and me the passenger who always falls asleep). Ok, I’m proper diverging here, my point being is that we’ve visited so many wonderful places over the past couple of years it’d be great to bring that passion into the wedding. We’re sort of explorers in our own right; continuing to explore the world with each other.



The whole aesthetic and artwork would tie with one another. The wedding invites would be flowers and abstract patterns growing out from the corners and this would be the same for the seating plans, name cards etc. I love that feeling when you have that light-bulb moment, which I often don’t have!


Moving on, we talked about the wedding cake. The cake. We had a heated discussion about this, but it was defo needed though. We decided to go for something simple like a Chinese cream cake- as long as it’s Hello Kitty then it’s all good for me!


We also talked quite a bit about the Chinese side of the wedding as this is when things get a bit complicated. Well, not complicated, but I suppose it’s more about thinking of the order of the day. I get to wear two dresses so boom. I’ll rope my mum, Barbara and Shoz to help me with the Chinese wedding dress and all the other traditional things we need to do but we have absolutely no clue whatsoever. I can’t say anymore than that as I need my parents for the heads up!


We were planning on getting a caterer for the food; as to what type of food we’re undecided but we need to make some calls first to see what they can actually provide. I would also like to have Chinese food as well so I don’t know whether we’ll need a separate caterer for that. In terms of the styling and layout, something quite simple with minimal effort.



Well, I’m going to end it here as I need to crack on with getting the guest listed sorted out! If you have any tips you’d like to share with me please feel free to leave a comment below.


Enjoy the rest of your evening!