So Sam and I sat down on Saturday and we managed to write down a very long list of what we needed to do… yes, cracking that whip and wedding planning has started- again! We’ve been stopping and starting over the past couple of years but we’ve decided that next year will be the big day. I’m super excited as well!



I already decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to have a ‘traditional’ wedding dress. I’m going to look for a gown instead as I haven’t seen any dresses that I’ve liked, whereas if I go down the gown route there’s loads more options for me. Plus, I’m really picky and I already know what I want. Ideally, if I had a couple of grand to spend I’d opt for a Valentino couture dress or a Gucci dress… I suppose I better get saving then!


I always knew I wanted to wearing something different and interesting so for a while I wasn’t sure what. But then when I saw one of Valentino’s couture collections from a while back I loved the combination of beautifully decorated fabric and the incredible detailing of the embroidery. I mean, it’s Valentino for frigs sake, what else can I say about it?!


And there’s more…



I have no idea if I’d be able to get my hands on a dress similar to these so if you do spot anything that’s within my price band and that’s not over £5,000 please send the link my way!


So, onto hair accessories. I’m sort of thinking Hollywood glitz and glam, 1940’s feel, myths and goddesses. Again, I’m totally in love with Gucci right not so I think I want to have my hair up with some fancy hair pieces dotted around my hair or a floral crown. I probably won’t wear a veil unless I see one I really like- like the one above with stars embroidered onto the lace.



Gemma Ward for McQueen popped up in my head and, taken from a couple of years ago, I love the placement of the butterflies floating around her head and neck. I can defo pull this off…!


We both wanted our wedding to be a big celebration with friends and families so of course means pulling off a one big party- (weddings are basically a massive party with drunken family members!). Sam wanted to keep things simple…. me on the other hand I really want a pop of colour around the venue with balloons, buntings, fabric hangings all over the place. In terms of the decor, my plan was to make all of it if possible such as the table decorations, placement cards, seating plan etc. (this includes roping in some very lovely friends to help me out and feeding them loads of food and plying them with alcohol!). By no means can I make a 1 x 1 meter paper pom pom but I’ll give it ago- me looking up tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube!



I’m going to have to leave it there but in my next post I’m going to be revealing my ideas and inspiration for wedding invites, flower ideas, colour schemes and more!


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and if you have any tips and wedding advice please leave a comment below- I look forward to reading it!




Hey folks, how was your Bank Holiday weekend? I think we were blessed for having good weather over the weekend, although did anyone see the thunder and lightning in the evenings? They were pretty spectacular as I often don’t really see lightning fork so quickly. I’m off for the week so I’m going to spend my time doing some more personal artwork and rejig my website as it’s desperately in need of a revamp. I don’t like the theme as it no longer represents what I’m doing at the moment so I’ll be updating my website very soon.


To celebrate Etsy’s 13th year in the arts and crafts business I’ll be holding a mini celebration of my own by having a 10% discount in my Etsy shop starting from 18th-22rd June- so put that down in your diaries! It’s been a journey for myself over the past couple of years as I’ve learnt so many things online and through doing craft fairs. Etsy has been a great platform to showcase my work as well as to experiment with photography and trialling out different products. It’s been a wonderful experience and I suppose without it I don’t think I’d be where I am now. Granted, it’s tough as you have to put in lots of time and hard work into it but I love the Etsy community as it’s such a supportive group of people where you can always ask for help.


I’m going to leave it there; have a lovely week and take care.



Well, my birthday has come round pretty fast! Urgh, I’ll be 31 in a week and I say this every year but I’m not fussed about my birthday anymore. No, I really mean it. I don’t feel any different either!

Do you fancy 31% off? To celebrate my birthday all you have to do is enter BIRTHDAYTREAT during checkout. The coupon will start today on Monday 14th until Wednesday 23rd.

Happy shopping!

Hello dear readers! Are you watching Eurovision right now? I’m just catching bits of it on Twitter so I feel like I know what’s going on, well sort of. I mean, does anyone actually knows what’s happening on Eurovision? No? Okay, I’m not alone then.


I just wanted to bring your attention to a crowdfunding project hosted by Doncaster Central for Learning (DCLC) . I’ve touched upon DCLC numerous times in the past as I’ve helped them out with a couple of things and we’re currently collaborating on a project which is aimed at helping volunteers/potentially other folks across the Doncaster area in creating and managing an online shop. I can’t say much else as it’s still under wraps but it’s pretty exciting and I’m really happy to be part of a project whereby the locals will learning skills which they’ll put into practice.

So what’s the crowdfunding project all about then? For starters, DCLC is looking for funding so that they can roll out six new workshops and get some brand new I.T. equipment into their current building- that’s phase one of their plan. The next stage/phase they’ll be looking to remodel the existing building so that it caters for the volunteers for co-working workspaces and that they can hold workshops as well. DCLC really do so much for Doncaster and the wider area; a small pledge small or large will do wonders for them and for those who use their services. There are many different reasons why service users/volunteers go to DCLC. A place like DCLC offers refuge for those who come whilst others are looking to be empowered and learn new skills.

A quick summary of the crowdfunding project:

To engage with the community and to invite and welcome those who have worked with DCLC in the past, as well as current users, potential partners, collaborators, individuals and businesses in the community to participate. To explore the mutual interest in scoping, adapting and using the new work space for greater community benefits and to create a long lasting legacy to the community. At the launch, DCLC will present its vision and ideas of what’s on offer and welcome all expressions of interest. This is an opportunity for others to join in the journey with DCLC. We aim to follow this up with collaborative workshops, and any suggestions and contributions from all those interested will help form the bigger plan. The aims for the project launch and workshops are: • To build on relationships between groups, co-workers, co-producers and individual entrepreneurs to work together for greater social impact. • To ensure that the outcome from the event and workshops reflect DCLC’s vision.


Want to learn more about their crowdfunding project? Head over to the page here for more information about the different types of pledges. Please make sure to share the page with others and spread the word about it! Fingers crossed they smash their target!


For more information about DCLC:

Facebook Fan Page



Wishing you all a lovely start to the week and hello sunshine- oh yes!



Hola sunshine! Isn’t this weather just simply beaut?? At last the sun is here again and I can finally start wearing dresses again and sandals (plus an excuse to eat ice cream of course!). I was ill for about four days as I either had the norovirus or gastro, and it was very unpleasant and I would never like to experience that ever again! I can still only manage small bits of food here and there, which is better than nothing as before I was ???. I think the emojis sums it up pretty well.

Anyway… This is going to be a super short post but sometimes it’s better to keep it short and sweet, right?! I have some rather exciting news to share with you all; I’m currently working with a good friend of mine, Najia from Gia London, as she wants me to help her with an illustration. I’m not going to say any more than that as it’s still going through the motions, so all will be revealed very soon when the final image is finished. Back to my old haunting-ground as I did a lot of work with them a couple of years back as I designed all the graphic elements for their website in conjunction with the web developer at the time. You can view the project here plus other promotional pieces I worked on with Gia London.

Enjoy the weather and the long Bank Holiday weekend folks!