Hola Sunshine!

Hola sunshine! Isn’t this weather just simply beaut?? At last the sun is here again and I can finally start wearing dresses again and sandals (plus an excuse to eat ice cream of course!). I was ill for about four days as I either had the norovirus or gastro, and it was very unpleasant and I would never like to experience that ever again! I can still only manage small bits of food here and there, which is better than nothing as before I was 🤢💩🚽. I think the emojis sums it... Read The Rest →

Gia-London website

Woohoo! Gia-London website is now officially online! After almost a year’s worth of work I have to say I’m so happy to see it up. We had a little party/ sample sale to celebrate see here for the photos. At the very start of the project Najia the creative director was happy to let me do what I thought was an interpretation of the Gia world, something nostalgic, playful and fresh. After lots of prep work and so on I used these elements and created the web pages and desktop... Read The Rest →

Screen shot of gia London's new website :)

The new Gia London website will be up and running, in the mean time watch this space!! I designed some web graphics as part of my placement and looking forward to seeing it finally on the website, it was definitely good experience and I’m planning to do more stuff like this. ***** Update: They now have a Facebook page!!******

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