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After running around town today like a crazy lady I finally managed to find all the bits and pieces for my fairy cakes, we’re having a bake sale tomorrow at uni to raise funds for our degree show at the P3.

I was so inspired by yesterdays cake sale at the Amersham Arms I was like proper enthused making loads of different ones. After some trial and error I have decided just to use normal icing (erm it’s a really garish red instead of a pastely pink.) Here are some of the things that went wrong:

-I left them for a bit too long so they’re as hard as rocks. I could knock someone out with them.

-I messed up the first time when I was heating the chocolate in the pan, i was going to make some delicious chocolate buttercream and I was like “Yeah that’ll be fine it’s pretty easy…” and well it wasn’t good. NOO! I  should have put it in a bowl or summat instead… then I wasted even more cos the chocolate was a solid lump in the bowl so that didn’t turn out right.

So I’m a rubbish cook probably because it’s so time consuming and i’m well bloody impatient.


I’ve been busy doing stuff for other people and not had the proper time to focus on my major project…ooops, it’s gona be long nights with coffee and Red Bull! I’ve really been enjoying my placement with Gia london helping them to design new pages for their website and it’s going well 🙂 plus using lush fabrics for the work too which has been fun.

We went to the Kinetica Art Fair last Saturday at P3 (Baker st) and there were some amazing stuff with art, sound and light fused together. There where some really beautifal pieces, the bird/arms work (see above) was creepy! It kept on moving very slowly in a jaunty way (i shudder…)Well worth checking out the website anyways.

We will also be having our degree show there in the Summer-ish so watch this space.xx